2006 Triumph Rocket III – $11,850

Triumph’s powerhouse Rocket — it’s all about the engine

WAY back in 1902, when Triumph built its first motorcycle, it came with a single-cylinder Minerva engine that generated 1.75 horsepower. One hundred and two years later, when Triumph built the Rocket III, it came with a starter motor that generated 1.75 horsepower. Yes, we’ve come a long way in the past century-and-a-bit.

There are many cruisers on the market these days, but Triumph’s 2300cc Rocket grabs attention like no other. It’s visually dominating, it’s comfortable, and it sure has presence on the road.

But really, it’s all about the engine. What a beast.

With a jaw-dropping 221 Newtons of torque at just 2,750rpm, the gargantuan triple goes like a, well, rocket when you lean on the throttle. By comparison, Harley’s not-to-be-sneezed-at V-Rod produces 111 Newtons at 7,250rpm.

This bike’s current owner says his Rocket turns heads where ever it goes.

“The power is just unbelievable,” he told us.

“Combined with her superb handling and inherent rider and passenger comfort, she’s a real beauty on the open road. She feels as light as a 250 when she is up and running in city traffic. She has always been garaged and has received the best of care since she was first registered.” 

The bike comes with electric heated grips, a leather tank cover, gel-filled rider’s seat with adjustable backrest, full windscreen, interchangeable half windscreen, full bike cover, and leather panniers.

Learn more about the 2006 Rocket III here.

Interested? Express your interest by emailing advertising@bikeshedtimes.com. We’ll put you in touch with the owner. We can refer you for an independent, professional inspection of the bike (cost approximately $125). Shipping to Melbourne will cost approximately $850 and Sydney approximately $950. The bike is currently in Perth, Western Australia.