1989 Suzuki GSXR 750 – $15,000

SELLER SAYS: 1989 Suzuki GSXR 750 for sale. Long stroke engine, just serviced with a new carby kit, has new tyres and battery. I am not sure how many of these are still getting around but there seems to be fewer each year. There are the usual paint scratches, chips and clear coat deterioration that you would expect on a 33 year old bike but still presents reasonably well. Great bike that performs very, very, well; fun to ride or collect. It comes with a full set of spare plastics, minus clear screen. It also has a complete original exhaust system. These parts are in average to below average condition and come with the bike for anyone that wants the original item. Contact Tom at tomduka@yahoo.com.au   (Bordertown, SA)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: Motorcycle history has many ‘hero’ models; bikes that changed the marketplace and set their competitors on the run to catch up. In the sports bike sector, where competition is most fierce, there are probably more heroes than anywhere else — and no list of sport bike heroes would be complete without the Suzuki GSXR750. When it was first unveiled in 1985, the Gixxer was a revelation. It really was a street-legal track bike, with a 100hp engine and a featherweight of just 179kg. Those were startling numbers back in the day, and set the tone for a model run that is only now coming to an end. The ’85 model was king of the hill at the time and remained virtually unchanged until 1988 when the bike had a major revision. That makes this bike of Tom’s a second-generation model, boasting the long-stroke engine, stronger frame and beefed-up brakes. The second generation kept the opposition at bay, and it wasn’t really until Honda released the first Fireblade in 1992 that Suzuki surrendered the sports bike crown held so firmly by the GSXR. Learn more about the Gixxer 750 story here.