1975 Honda CB400F – $13,500 SOLD

SELLER SAYS: 1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport for sale. A desirable first edition of the CB400F with the pillion footrests on the swing arm. The motorcycle has had a complete restoration using genuine Honda parts if available. The engine has been totally rebuilt with a new cam chain, pistons and rings, seals and bearings. The bore is still standard. Included will be some of the original parts which were replaced in the restoration. I will put the Honda over the pits ready for the new owner to register at their leisure. Contact Lez on 0428 xxx xxx SOLD (Denmark, WA)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: When Honda released its world-changing CB750 in 1969, it grabbed ownership of the big motorcycle market. For the next few years, everyone else had to play catch-up to match Honda’s smooth, fast and reliable (but not particularly good handling) 750 four. In 1975, Honda set out to sandwich the CB750 with the release of the medium-size CB400 Four and the extra-large GL1000 Gold Wing. While it’s fair to say the Gold Wing was the bigger headline (and hey, they’re still building them nearly 50 years later), the 400 was also something of a revelation. It had six gears — a very big deal in 1975 — and more importantly it actually handled like a sports bike should. Some folks will tell you it was the first Japanese bike ever made that out-handled Europe and England. In many ways it was ahead of its time; a forerunner to today’s wildly popular 600 sports bikes that obviously don’t have the power of bigger bikes but are plenty fast enough and can cut and carve and corner the wheels off bigger bikes in the real world. This bike of Lez’s is an early one, from the first year of manufacture, and has had a substantial rebuild to suggest it’s good for many years to come, whether you choose to ride it or polish it (or both, as we would recommend).  Learn more here: https://timeless2wheels.com/578947/honda-cb400f/