1974 Ducati Mark III – $20,000

SELLER SAYS: Last of the wide-case singles, and with a production run of only 253 units, the 450 has become collectable indeed. Few are still in this condition, and fewer still are still ridden with any regularity. This bike is currently on historic rego and running with reversible modifications including a 12v CDI ignition, 32mm PHF Dellorto Carburettor & Conti replica silencer. Original points ignition system, 29mm VHB Square slide carb with manifold, air box snorkel & filter are included. As is the original long style Silentium silencer in as-new condition. Also included are following spares; Crankshafts, Ducati rods + new Carrillo rod , gearbox, selector drum & forks, original Marzocchi rear shocks, axles, plus other odds & sods like the comprehensive & much sought-after Haynes workshop manual. Happy to assist with international freight. See more pics here. Contact Iain on 0417 437 520 (Sydney, NSW).

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: When it comes to great single-cylinder sports bikes, the list is surprisingly short. The BSA Gold Star dominated the 1940s and ‘50s, and the Velocette Venom was hot in the ‘60s. But if we had to choose a classic single to add to our collection, it would be one of these. Ducati’s 450 was a bit of a rough diamond in the ‘70s, with build quality, electrics, chrome and paint work pretty ordinary by comparison to what was coming out of Japan at the time, but the engines were superb and they handled better than anything from Japan (or England, for the matter). More importantly, they sounded wonderful and looked just gorgeous! This bike of Iain’s looks like a superb example of the breed, and the finish suggest it might find its way into a man cave somewhere as an ornament. Us? We’d keep it licensed and frequently give it a jolly good flogging!