1972 Honda CB750K2 – $23,000 (SOLD)

SELLER SAYS: 1972 Honda CB750K2 for sale. Engine bored to 830cc. 30,000km. Collector quality, fully operational and in mint condition. Professionally maintained and stored in custom-built garage. Bike was previously exported from Australia to New Caledonia and will be professionally crated and shipped back to Australia for purchaser. SOLD for full price.

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: When Honda first unveiled the four-cylinder CB750K0 at the end of 1968, it was like unveiling a spaceship from Mars. No one had ever seen anything like it — not as an affordable road-going motorcycle, that was for sure. The big Honda sent every other manufacturer into meltdown, all desperately needing to come up with some reactionary machine that could match or better the 750/4. Kawasaki, which was already working on a 750/4 of its own, up-specced its plans and released the 903cc Z1. Suzuki stuck with it’s two strokes, added water-cooling, flirted with a rotary, then fell into line with its own 750/4, the GS750. Kawasaki made it’s crazy-quick triples even crazier-quick. The Europeans made their sports bikes even more beautiful than ever before — and even more expensive. And Honda’s counter-reaction? Well, not much. The CB750 was so successful and so admired that it barely changed for a decade. As a result, the early descendants of the original CB750, like this spotless K2, are virtual carbon-copies of the K0. In the mid-1970s, lots of folks found it frustrating that Honda wasn’t “fighting back” so to speak. But 50-years on, it means the K1, K2, K3, K4, and K5 — and arguably even one or two more —  have virtually the same head-turning power as that first CB750. Learn more here.