1970 Honda CB750 K0 – $20,750

SELLER SAYS: 1970 Honda 750 KO for sale. Iconic, and beautiful. New tyres added and even though its unregistered it’s about to be, so you can ride her away and enjoy every moment. My 1970 K0 has only done just over 29,000km and is beautiful to ride. Contact Jonathan on 0404 963 963 (Rose Bay, Sydney NSW).

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: Perhaps the most important motorcycle in history, Honda’s CB750 Four was simply the best motorcycle ever made when it arrived to a response of shock and awe from motorcyclists — and sheer horror from other manufacturers. The four-cylinder overhead cam engine, front disc brake, electric start and 120mph top speed were all headline acts, but it was Honda’s build quality (giving reliability and no oil leaks) and the engine’s smoothness that really leap-frogged the Honda over every other bike out there and catapulted the Japanese motorcycle industry into global domination. Honda originally planned to build 1,500 CB750s in the model’s first year but quickly changed the target — initially to 1,500 per month and then to 3,000 per month — when the market went crazy for them. Ultimately, Honda made more than 53,000 of the K0 in the model’s year-long run and about 400,000 CB750s in the ten-year run of the entire K-series. This bike of Jonathan’s is a K0, which means it’s from that first year of manufacture, and it looks like a beaut. (Regular readers will know we listed another K0 a couple of weeks ago for $35k, and it sold in one day.) We found an informative article on an American website — you can read it hereand the historical piece on Honda’s own website is also a very good read — click here.