1965 Velocette MSS – $18,600 SOLD


SELLER SAYS: 1965 Velocette MSS for sale. Original low mileage. Rebored to fit Venom piston for a slight increase in compression. Thorspark electronic ignition plus original magneto refurbished so the option to change back is there. Fusebox and coil are installed in the tool box. Motobatt Gel battery, electronic regulator changes 6volt output from Miller Generator to 12volts. Near new Avon Mk11 Roadrider tyres, new Amal carb, new exhaust system, new Ammeter, new Steering damper with Thruxton style wingnut, new ball end levers for brake, clutch and valve lifter, oil filter kit fitted in oil tank, new shocks, new Thruxton style seat, steel gear replaced fibre gear on Auto advance/retard unit. Usually starts first kick, goes handles and stops extremely well. Twin Leading Shoe front brake was there when I bought the bike. Since these were bespoke motorcycles it is possible that it came like this from factory. All original parts go with the bike and a new unused swept back header pipe as well. See a video of the bike being started here. Contact Dan on 0457 xxx xxx SOLD for $18k. (Nimbin, NSW)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: Velocette is one of British motorcycle history’s most successful marques – despite being a small outfit compared with its major and better-known competitors;  Triumph, BSA and Norton. The company was a big deal from the mid-1920s and initially made its name under the brand name of Veloce (an Italian word that translates, not surprisingly, to ‘speed’). It was also a huge success on the race track. From the late 1940s into the early ‘60s, Velocette was king of the hill, boasting a couple of world championships and perhaps its finest achievement when, in 1961, it became the first manufacturer to crack an average of 100mph for a 24-hour world speed record. That bike was a Velocette Venom, which evolved from the earlier MSS. And that brings us to this glorious bike of Dan’s – a wonderful example of the MSS with various Venom upgrades as were the rage back in the day. Learn more about the Velocette MSS here, and see a video of Dan’s bike here.