1961 Ducati Elite 200 – $20,000

SELLER SAYS: 1961 Ducati Elite 200 for sale. Immaculate condition. Runs well and recently serviced by Vee Two Australia. New tyres. Excellent to ride, so hard to find in this condition. Always a safe investment but time to share with a new collector. Contact Bill on 0429 689 114 or billpayne51@hotmail.com. (Albany, WA)

EDITOR TERLICK SAYS: A rare find, this one, and a marvellous piece of Ducati history. At 204cc, the Elite was the biggest Ducati you could buy in 1961. It evolved from the 175 Sport, a lightweight sports bike that had huge success on the racetrack and provided Ducati with go-fast credibility that drove its commercial success. Yep, just like today. Apart from that bizarre fuel tank — it looks like someone left it in the oven too long, hey? — the Elite was known for being something of a giant-killer. The little single-cylinder carried its 105kg weight low, had big brakes and a wonderful bevel-driven engine. The combination took its top speed beyond 85mph, giving the lightweight Italian sporting prowess that embarrassed many bigger bikes from England. This bike of Bill’s looks like a superb example. Learn more about the Elite here.