1948 Triumph Tiger 100 – $20,000

‘For those who wish to travel fast and far’

WHEN Triumph released the 1948 model of its 500cc twin-cylinder Tiger 100, it’s advertising brochure said this:

“The Triumph Tiger 100 is an ultra high performance sports machine with a specially tuned engine capable of completely satisfying the desires of all who wish to travel fast and far. At the same time it retains that flexibility and smoothness which make it a very pleasant motor cycle when high speeds are not desired.”

The ‘100’ in T100 was a signal that the Tiger was good for 100mph. What a hoot it must be at that sort of speed!

The current owner of this machine says it is mechanically sound, starts easily and is in excellent condition.

Interested? Express your interest by emailing advertising@bikeshedtimes.com. We’ll put you in touch with the owner. We can refer you for an independent, professional inspection of the bike (cost approximately $125). Shipping to Melbourne will cost approximately $800 and Sydney approximately $900. The bike is currently in Perth, Western Australia.

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